Go Ahead and Pledge!

You pledge allegiance to the flag of the corporate states of America, and to the banana republic for which it stands, one very sick nation, under corporate management, easily divisible, with liberty and justice for the filthy rich. Teach this to your children. Be honest with them just this once, then brainwash them just as is done to us day after day. It’s the “right” thing to do.

“We have erred and strayed from thy ways like lost sheep. We have followed too much the devices and desires of our own hearts. We have offended against thy holy law. We have left undone those things we ought to have done, and we have done those things we ought not to have done. There is no health in us.” From the old Book of Common Prayer – A General Confession. I have been observing the lost and sick people who surround me and cannot help but see the mind – body connection. By the time illness becomes the focal point of people, they are likely beyond all reason. I hear the most incredible things from the mouths of loved ones who reject healing as a life option. Sick people should be under the same social restrictions as felons. No voting, no jury duty, no weapons, no jobs.

Sick people become totally dependent upon the very corporate greed that made them sick. They reject healing and beg for more abuse, at public expense, whenever possible. Kevin Trudeau writes a book (Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About) that exposes both the sickness and corruption. He implies himself corporate enemy number one – and rightly so. Ralph Nader he is not.

I have one neighbor too sick to read any book. I have one parent who has read it and intends to make no changes as a result. Another who doesn’t want to know. I have a friend who calls himself a dead man and has read enough of the book to know it is he alone who has chosen death and still prefers that choice. Take that healing far from me – all I want is misery and a lot of sympathy.

This whole attitude begs examination. Though it begins with the universal poisoning in the womb and mother’s milk, in the egg and in the sperm; if we can just reach adulthood and cultivate an interest in health or disease, we have a fighting chance for a decent, loving and productive life. But because we are sick, we are easily distracted. We are all afflicted with attention deficit disorder. We pay now – and later. We can’t learn to read or can’t derive meaning from what we read. It’s not our fault, but what can we do? We are so sick and tired! The blind lead the blind, the greedy lead the greedy, the sick lead the sick and there is no health in us.

Kevin points out there is a health care crisis but that is not what we want to deal with. We want sick care, like those I mentioned earlier. Take care of me I beg you – I am no longer capable of caring for myself – or anything at all. What then is the duty of those in this sick society who have not yet reached that miserable, hopeless point?

The answer is to become an example. A model. Let the sickos see it is a personal choice we make to be sick and consequently, stupid. One follows the other in either order. Sickness follows stupidity – stupidity follows sickness. I have seen the proof with my own eyes and so have you. The sickness is no accident. We don’t get sick, we grow sick. It is strictly a matter of the speed with which we sicken. There is no such thing as sudden illness unless it is caused by trauma. Nine out of ten sudden deaths are likely side effects of legal drugs. But then, who cares?

And how do those of us who have not succumbed to hopeless suffering and stupidity, set examples for the rest? We read and heed what Kevin says in his book, on his TV infomercials, in his newsletters and at his subscription web site: naturalcures.com. While Kevin’s focus is on the food and drug industries as prime examples of anti-life corporate greed, he knows every industry and government is likewise plagued. But we must begin somewhere and personal health is that point. Love your self and then the rest.

Never have we had a champion of the people who makes more sense than Kevin. And never has the appearance of such a champion been more timely. Our corporate masters are poisoning our great grandchildren and we pay them to do it. Tell me how clever that is. Do you know why we pay them? We pay them because it is more convenient to pay than to withdraw our support and do business with people who give a damn about their neighbors. In fact, we often run such people out of town. We have a serious convenience addiction, custom made for us. We have claimed the slave mentality as our birthright and die defending that choice, whether in a foreign land or in our poisoned homes, workplaces and all points in between. America is like Snow White, enjoying that beautiful apple and drifting off to await the Prince. No, no, please don’t eat that apple! Ring a bell?

Kevin gives sound advice. If we don’t like it all, that does not matter. The point is, there is room for improvement in all our lives and by making small ones, one or a few at a time, all life improves. I owe that much to me and you. You owe that much to you and me. Read Kevin and see how easily we can retire this social debt and improve the world. If it sounds like a big job or goal, it is not. The smarter you get, the better I feel – and the better I become. That is what you want most, isn’t it? “Wisdom is the principle thing. With all thy getting, get wisdom.”

Law and Its Contempt

The contempt of court law in Chennai, India, is really an eye wash. Here no human can whisper about human rights because Chennai does not believe in freedom for the general public. The governments here are more inclined towards fleecing the public through deceptions. If anyone goes to courts with a contempt of court petition against anyone who has political pull it immediately becomes such a drama and spreads to all fields. Proof of that is my dismissed case. There was an interim injunction obtained and a contempt of court petition filed against a reserve policeman, the defendant. This was willfully overlooked by lawyers making us go in for an anticipatory bail just because the reserve police and his mother gave 2 separate complaints according to the police stations daily register. The judge did not bother to ask me if wanted to by pass the contempt. What rights do the courts judges and lawyers have to overlook the common mans sufferings just because it is a puppet in the hands of the unprincipled politicians and police.

The atrocities in Tamil Nadu where the police itself manipulate everything to pamper the politicians and fan their egos is considered THE way of life. This is clear when the one they target, come up in life. No one would expect anyone to be as cunning as the politicians and police put together. They do not do this work without the support of the misguided lot in the general public. Probably that is easy, because here people are divided in many ways. The more the divisions, the more the avenues for distortion of facts especially when all make sure that the victim is never involved in anything. Here people are divided in religion and caste. All the governments here love to run off to the religious playground using one player against the other while they are the spectators chipping in now and then to make or maintain rifts. No human can belong to all religions but we are all meant to love God as one and live on this one earth. So what if God has different names? Everybody has different names in one lifetime. everyone is a child, adolescent girl or boy,daughter or son, mother or father, niece or nephew etc etc. Our names change with each person we relate to. I have been blessed by being brought up by 2 mothers from 2 different religions. The one God has worked wonders through them without whom my prayers would have been incomplete.

Coming back to the time when we moved in to our new own premises; two men came with a roadside tailor demanding money. With the help of a lawyer a complaint was lodged in the police station where we learned that the 2 men were actually its constables. Then a reserve police uses the same station and becomes contemptuous of the law and I  went to the commissioners office for protection as the court was not in a mood of implementing the law.(it was too busy giving legal rights to my lawyer to by pass the contempt without my consent so I can be fooled legally) The legal courts have nothing to do with the police.They run separately. And yet, the common man cannot find justice from the law as it reverses its stand on its own dignity regarding contempt of court orders. I must say the words justice delayed is justice denied is another eye wash because if there is a case against the police or government the hearing of any contempt will be denied, case dismissed and all evidence overlooked even when the governments and police have nothing as evidence. This proves that India is in the hands of dictators and democracy is a needed hypocrisy dispensed off everyday as a formality. I can safely conclude that the police and courts are related – maybe like the politicians who bring in relatives and friends into their parties, the state and country like it is their kingdom and so have every right to continue the wrongful deeds without rectification of the old ones. It is so easy to push uncomfortable truths under the carpet. It is even more easier to suppress all opposition. No wonder the world faces global financial crisis, global terrorism, global warming and global discontentment.

Coming back to law, amazing how one judge issues an injunction making my case valid while another dismisses the same (are there different laws for different judges?) And to top it all the reserve police has been allowed to be contemptuous of the law  and i had to go in for a bail and ask the police protection against the police itself. The police seem to have been given rights to break the law until they are questioned by the layman whom they harass – if the layman does not ask for protection the police just continue harassing while if protection is given then the law washes its hands off rendering justice. No wonder no one believes in the law and democracy as the law makers become law breakers very slowly and meticulously. The dignity of law is clearly seen in the clashes in the law colleges in Chennai. Law is in the politicians hands. Are they related? Can the courts too like politicians say its better than the police department and politicians and turn a blind eye to all that is uncomfortable within its own premises? Has it given rights to politicians and police to be contemptuous of law? Can it turn a blind eye to the life long scar such delays cause to the affected party especially women who are harassed on all sides due to the courts negligence for 1 week or 1 year or eternity? If that is legal, then what of the dignity and safety of women, children and the commoner?

Bhuvaneswari Calambakkam

The Importance of a Criminal Justice Degree

Recently, interest in the field of criminal law has been on the rise. Aside from the excitement that this type of career offers, the importance of a criminal justice degree is also an attractive factor for many people aspiring to enter into the field. There are many different careers in crime enforcement, all of which offer the ability to contribute to the greater good of society.

There are many different opportunities for those who major in this subject. On the local level, there are different police forces to participate in. The state level offers careers in the court system, crime labs, and the narcotics bureau. A degree in law enforcement can be used on the federal level in divisions like the department of defense, trade commission, customs agency, and food and drug administration. There are also private sectors of law enforcement in which people can work for places like insurance companies, private detective firms, and security teams.

Crime enforcement is often a desirable career because it offers an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. Many people take pride in the idea of taking responsibility for helping to uphold and maintain the law. Law enforcement is extremely important for maintaining order within communities on both small and large scales. Being a part important aspect of the legal system is very satisfying to some people.

When trying to obtain a career in law enforcement, an education is extremely important. It is extremely hard to get a good job in this field without formal training. There are some security jobs that will allow uneducated people to work for them, however, it is always desirable that every law enforcement official has formal emergency training.

With the need for crime regulation, it is easy to understand the importance of a criminal justice degree. The vast opportunities out there for law enforcement majors make this career a very attractive option. The ability to protect and serve citizens is an extremely rewarding feeling.

Australian Consumer Law Applies In South Australia

The Australian Consumer Law

The Australian Consumer Law or ACL is made to apply nationally and across South Australia. It deals with all matters involving safe products; fair contracts dealings and safe sales practices that must be observed by all Australian states and territories covered by national laws on Consumer Protection and Fair Trading.

The law took effect on 1 January 2011. The law covers national legislations which provide uniform regulations with regards to unfair terms of contract; provides standard form of consumer contracts; guarantees consumer rights when buying goods and services; ensures product safety and enforcement systems; provides rules for lay-by agreements and the rules in the exercise of the authority and the enforcement of consumer remedial rights.

The law also provides for the uniform standards of conduct, protection, obligations and responsibilities to all consumers over the business community in Australia. The Productivity Commission believed that the ACL reforms could bring about benefits to Australian community between $1.5 billion to $4.5 billion a year.

The ACL is expected to replace about 20 consumer legislations in Australia. In South Australia, it will have impact particularly on laws relating to fair trading and consumer protection laws like:

· Fair Trading Act 1987 (SA)

· Consumer Transactions Act 1972 (SA)

· Manufacturers Warranties Act 1974 (SA)

· Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth): Parts IVA, V, VA and VC

It is enforced and administered by the following agencies:

· Consumer and Business Services or CBS. Consumer and Business Services he new name for the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs. It is a division of the Attorney General’s Department within the South Australian Government’s Justice Portfolio. The CBS will assist consumers with their complaints involving goods and services which are advertised and purchased in South Australia.

· Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. It helps in the promotion of business and trade competition and fair trade practices in the market place to benefit consumers, business and the community.

· Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Act as a support to financial markets and financial services providing for fair and transparent practices for well-informed investors and consumers.

The benefits of ACL

The enforcement of a single legislation will bring harmony, unity and simplicity in the enforcement of consumer rights in Australia. It would be easier for the administering agencies to take action and implement the provisions of the law eliminating complex and obscure interpretations. In addition, the Courts and Tribunals can adopt uniform rules and procedure in the enforcement of consumer laws and provisions protecting consumer rights.

Law Book Review: Land Laws Under Single Shadow

Book’s Title: Lectures on Land Law
Author: Dr. Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Publisher: Northern University Bangladesh (NUB)
First Published: June 2013
Price shown: 500 Taka
Pages: 546

There exists a common perception in our country that laws relating to land are complex and it is expert job to understand and apply the law. Indeed, it is true that the method of land measurement system requires expert knowledge. Moreover, units to measure land are quite peculiar and not universal across the country. On the contrary, because of high growth of population and scarcity of land, land related disputes are increased day by day, which possessed about 80% of our total civil litigation.

However, apart from these scenarios, there is also real scarcity of a single academic book, which contains all aspects of current land laws. Because the area of our land law is gigantic and these subject matters are discuss individually in numerous books. When I started my carrier at an university, I was assigned to conduct classes on land laws. I can remember those days when I felt unaided because of my failure to discover an useful sole book on land laws. Consequently, I suggested a lot of books to my students, which ultimately fall them in a worthless deep ocean, where they just found mostly repealed, scattered, intricate and to some extent valueless laws. I want to give thanks to Dr. M Towhidul Islam, who takes initiative to rescue the students from that bottomless marine by his new book titled “Lectures on Land Law”.

Our customary scholastic land law books typically contain history; the State Acquisition & Tenancy Act, 1950; the Non-Agricultural & Tenancy Act, 1949; provisions of pre-emption; alluvion-diluvion, acquisition-requisition and some other portion of land law individually while this book covers creation, transfer and extermination of land rights in single cover. This discussed book introduces immutable facets of land law under a single shadow, which includes provisions relating to registration, easement, public demand recovery, trust, lease, mortgage, transfer of immoveable property and other inalienable materials concerning real property; though precisely. Normally we studied these topics separately whereas global students follow this pattern to study real estate law all over the earth.

This distinct book also discusses on almost all indissoluble parts of land law i.e. land administration, settlement of Khas land, Khatiyan, mutation, land taxes etc. Author mainly formulates this book by his class lectures, which also reflects in the name of his book. Consequently, the book will be more accessible for the teachers and students to realize multifaceted issues of land law in easy and class friendly way. More importantly, Dr. Islam release them form buying topic wise books. Another reason behind intricacy of land law is use of obscure words and foggy languages even in Bangla books whereas Towhidul Islam constructs every sentence intelligibly. Now students will obtain dual benefit from this single book; one is purely academic knowledge and rest on is practical aspects like dispute, which is more important for a to-be lawyer.

Lectures on Land Law is inimitable because it creates scopes for further discussion and I believe that the author will be able to arise question in readers’ mind and it will help them to increase their curiosity to unveil the untouched corner of land management instead of reluctance and complexity to land matters. In addition, this Asso. Prof. of law also writes his book in such a lucid manner where his prospective readers can find a scope to think from practitioners’ perspective.

First chapter of the mentioned book deals with importance of studying land laws and introductory issues. In next chapters (2-4) the writer enumerates historical development, ownership and land administration in Bangladesh. Chapter five of this book handles with acquisition of Zamindary system and its impact. The next following chapters (6-9) elucidate tenancy rights, record of rights, transfer, consolidation, amalgamation & sub-division of land. Then in chapter ten & eleven, Dr. Islam narrates about registration and procedure of mutation. Subsequently, he inscribes about pre-emption, sub-letting, alluvion-diluvion, easement and prescription in chapter 12-15 respectively. After that, in chapter 16-18 the book illustrates provisions regarding acquisition & requisition of land, abandoned and vested properties. Later, Towhidul explains land taxes, certificate cases and management & settlement of Khas lands in chapter 19-21. At last, in chapter 22 this faculty member of DU articulates process of land reforms that can aid the community to ensure economic and social justice by providing painless and equal access to land and land administration in Bangladesh.

The book is not comprehensive one rather a beginning for further thinking. However, the piece could be a good instrument for the students to cope with current land laws. I trust, it will also be able enough to inspire them to explore untouched corners of land matters and land related injustice of the country. I hope author will insert more illustrations, maps, images, charts, forms & case laws in its upcoming version to make the book more easy for the lay man also. The book is mainly aimed for law students; nevertheless, I expect it will also be a supportive material for academicians, lawyers, judges, researchers, NOGs and interested readers to diminish their inquisitiveness.